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Goat "Zhorik"

master class scheme, hook, Oksana Fadeeva goat

Knitted toy Goat "Zhorik." Height 15cm toy. The yarn - acrylic yarn. Hands and feet are made of wire. Filling: sintepon.

Free Pattern


scheme, a master class, description, hook, Oksana Fadeeva minion scheme crochet

Cute and funny Minion Phil cartoon character "Despicable Me" in a suit maid crocheted - a nice gift for fans of the cartoon. It will be a loyal servant for your home. Height 13 cm toys. Yarn Jeans. In the body-head high inserted Kinder Surprise. Scheme crochet Minion. It consists of 6 pages with detailed descriptions of each step. In the format pdf.

Free Pattern.